Perception - Environment Art/Props

Perception Trailer (skip to 13s)

This post reflects my body of work for Perception, a narrative horror experience where you play as a blind person. I worked as a environment and prop artist on Perception from June 2015 to May 2017, and was on the project from pre-Kickstarter to release.

Perception had a unique art style and challenges that came with it. I have included the Kickstarter trailer to show how the objects would look in-game. Most notably, there were no textures used on the objects besides normal maps and a flat grey albedo. This is due to the heavy post-process "blind effect" the game uses, which required that we not use colored albedo or roughness/metallic maps. As a result, we also could go higher with the poly-count for objects, negating the need for high-to-low baking of textures in most cases. This also means that almost all objects used shared tiling normal maps.